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Tooth-Saving Root Canal Treatment in Bakersfield

Tooth-Saving Root Canal Treatment in Bakersfield

At McCullough Dental, we know that no one looks forward to having a root canal. After all, going to the dentist can be scary for patients of any age. But if you’re experiencing pain from an infected tooth, a root canal can be a very welcome solution.

When you receive root canal treatment from McCullough Dental, you can rest assured knowing your tooth will be protected from further damage while relieving you of pain. If you have anxiety associated with dental treatments, our dental team is here to assure you that undergoing a root canal procedure at our practice is a straightforward and comfortable experience.

Root Canal Experts Near You

You do not have to travel far to receive exceptional root canal treatment. In fact, here at McCullough Dental in Bakersfield, we have a dentist who specializes in root canal care to give you instant relief and get your smile on the road to recovery! This will not only decrease your dental anxiety but improve your quality of life after treatment.

If you are experiencing gum or tooth pain, call our office today and schedule an appointment to see if root canal treatment can help you.

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Understanding Root Canals

A root canal is a tooth-saving procedure that seeks to remove infected pulp within the tooth and effectively prevent the infection from causing tooth loss and spreading to other teeth. Tooth pulp contains nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. When the pulp becomes infected from a crack, chip, or general decay in the tooth, it can cause severe pain that only root canal care can alleviate.

How Our Root Canal Treatment Helps

Our patients are like family. That’s why your oral health and physical well-being is our top priority. If you are suffering from an infected tooth, our root canal specialist can help. Root canals are designed to treat infections and damage within the pulp of a tooth, effectively reducing pain and stopping the spread of infection.

Not only will you experience pain relief with this treatment, but also better oral health, allowing you to continue smiling without complications—you may not even need further dental care after your root canal. If the structure of your tooth has been compromised, however, the dentist may recommend placing a crown over your tooth to protect it from further damage. Once this is completed, you can get right back to your life and live without tooth or gum pain slowing you down.

Risks of Delaying or Avoiding Root Canal Treatment

Pushing off root canal treatment could lead to more serious issues, affecting your overall health by infecting multiple teeth and increasing the risk of tooth loss. These issues may also impact your self-confidence by diminishing the aesthetic of your smile, causing you to hide your smile when socializing or posing in photos.

If you are currently suffering from an infected tooth, let us help you avoid further physical pain, financial toll, and emotional or social discomfort by scheduling your appointment for a root canal.

Lasting Solutions to Enhance Your Life

There are many problems that root canal treatment addresses including pain, decay, and further deterioration of your oral health. This treatment will transform your smile and protect it from infection so you can smile with confidence.

There are many ways to treat an inflamed or infected pulp. In order to address each patient’s unique needs, our dental expert will create a treatment plan based on your circumstances and smile goals to give you specific and customized care.

Each member of our patient family is different—a one-size-fits-all approach will simply not do. We want to provide you with excellent, personalized treatment options that are specific to your smile and will improve your dental health and overall quality of life.

Non-Surgical Root Canal Treatment

This nonsurgical option is similar to filling a cavity. During your appointment, the dentist will create a small hole in the affected tooth to remove the infected pulp. The hole will then be sealed to prevent further damage or decay. This option is ideal for less severe cases of infection. Depending on your circumstance, the dentist may also place a crown over the affected tooth to protect it from further damage.

Surgical Root Canal Treatment

This type of root canal procedure addresses more advanced cases of infection. During the process, our skilled dentist will carefully remove the infected or damaged pulp through a small incision in the gums, then cleanse and disinfect the inside of the tooth. The incision will then be sealed to prevent further infection. Depending on your circumstance, the dentist may also place a crown over the affected tooth to protect it from further damage.

For your comfort, both of these procedures are administered using a general anesthetic, so you don’t need to worry about feeling a thing.

Benefits of Root Canal Care

Of course, there are numerous dental benefits to receiving root canal treatment, but the impact to your overall well-being is often overlooked. Some of the most notable benefits are as follows:

  • Pain relief
  • Tooth-loss prevention
  • Improved confidence
  • Reduced sensitivity
  • Improved oral health
  • Decrease in future dental intervention
  • Freedom to eat and chew without worry

With a root canal, you can save yourself the physical pain of further infection, emotional strain of decreased self-confidence due to tooth loss, and future expense of advanced dental issues. If you want to experience these amazing benefits and improve your quality of life, contact our dental team today and schedule an appointment to get started.

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Why Choose McCullough Dental for Your Root Canal?

We get it—finding a dental office you love and trust can be stressful. After all, you need to know that your dental health and overall well-being are in good hands. That’s why here at McCullough dental, we do our best to make every patient feel like family—and family deserves the best!

Not only do we have an expert dentist who specializes in root canal therapy, but our dental team is known for our compassionate care and friendly demeanor. Paired with our advanced technology, you can trust McCullough Dental to give you long-lasting and stunning results.

Here are just a few of the benefits we offer:

  • Expertise: You can rest assured knowing your root canal care will be completed with precision, skill, and experience. Our extensive experience and specialized training make us uniquely qualified to address even the most complex root canal cases.
  • Compassionate Care: When you suffer from poor dental health, it can be hard to expect compassionate care from dental professionals. Our team understands your emotional and physical discomfort. That’s why we place patient comfort and satisfaction above all else. You can expect to be greeted with warmth and empathy by our caring team.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology: We pride ourselves in having the latest cutting-edge dental technology to provide you with precise and accurate care. This technology will enhance the root canal process and improve your overall experience.

Patient Reviews

“Thank you for a pain-free experience and for your care and kindness. Doctor and staff made a fairly extensive morning of dental work darn near enjoyable. By the way, “dental work” and “enjoyable” written in the same sentence is really, really rare. I recommended your skill and professionalism without reservation!”
– Koleen L.

“Every time I go there, every one makes you feel so welcome and comfortable. From the front desk, the hygienist, the assistants, to the Doctor… what a Family!
I love them all!”
– Frank L

Wondering if McCullough Dental is right for you and your smile needs? Don’t take our word for it—see what other patients are saying to make your decision easier!

Frequently Asked Questions about Root Canal Treatment

Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

Contrary to popular belief, root canals are not painful procedures. With our expertise, modern techniques, advanced technology, and sedation options, you should not feel pain during treatment. Most patients report only feeling minimal discomfort during the process.

What Should I Expect?

On the day of your root canal, you can expect to be fully informed about your treatment plan. You will also be able to ask any questions or voice any concerns you may have. Our team will make sure that you feel comfortable every step of the way.

Once the treatment starts, the dentist will remove the infected or damaged pulp, seal the site and place a crown over the tooth to restore functionality and strength. After treatment is completed, our team will provide you with detailed post-operative instructions to promote healing and minimize any discomfort following your procedure.

How to Prep for Treatment?

Depending on your needs, goals, and treatment plan, we will provide you with pre-procedure instructions. This may include avoiding food and drink for a certain period before your appointment or taking prescribed medications as directed.

If you are in need of sedation options, we will walk you through the process, help you pick the option right for you, and help you feel comfortable before the procedure begins.

Ready to Smile Without Pain?

If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, inflamed gums, or dental pain, then you might be a candidate for root canal therapy. Schedule an appointment with McCullough Dental today and start your journey to improved dental health and enhanced quality of life!

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