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Why Tongue Cleaning Creates Good Dental Hygiene

Most people consider proper dental hygiene to consist of flossing, brushing twice daily, regular dental visits, and mouthwash. But tongue cleaning, a significant part of the oral hygiene routine, is often forgotten.

This process is a vital part of dental health and can help our ability to speak and taste. The tongue is a haven for bacteria and leftover food so it can quickly lead to tooth decay and plaque buildup. The tongue can also cause bad breath. Proper tongue hygiene is important.

Benefits of Tongue Cleaning

Each step of dental hygiene serves different purposes that lead to good dental health. Below are ways that cleaning your tongue regularly can benefit you.

Eliminates Buildup and Bacteria

Similar to brushing your teeth, cleaning your tongue removes bacteria, buildup, and debris that lingers after eating. This process will keep plaque from growing and attaching to your gums or teeth, and rid your mouth of bad breath.

If you want to keep your mouth feeling strong, healthy, and not smelling foul, then you should consider cleaning your tongue to keep it from collecting bacteria. Your oral health will thank you for taking an extra step towards safeguarding it from disease.

Boosts Taste

We all love good food, but a dirty tongue can limit one’s ability to taste. Many dead cells stay on the tongue and limit your taste buds from experiencing the most out of your food. When you clean your tongue you are restoring its ability to sense and enjoy food.

Improves Oral Health

Cleaning your tongue will lower your risk of infection because you put an end to an ever-growing breeding ground of bacteria that creates infections like thrush. When you clean your tongue regularly you are protecting your oral and overall health.

If you are serious about keeping your oral health strong, then you will add tongue cleaning to your everyday routine. Doing so will increase your taste, reduce your risk of infection, and remove bacteria.

What Methods Are Used for Tongue Cleaning?

With a variety of methods, finding a technique that works for you is easy! Here are some tongue-cleaning options:

  • Toothbrush: This is a common one because you already have it and you already use it daily. To brush the bacteria off of your tongue, use the same circular motions on your tongue as you do your teeth. Make sure to rinse both your mouth and toothbrush after every use so that your toothbrush does not become a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Tongue brush: This is exactly how it sounds. It is a brush used to clean your tongue. You will want to apply mouthwash or toothpaste and then brush your tongue in circular motions brush. This tool will also need to be rinsed after each use.
  • Tongue scraper: This takes a different approach. Instead of brushing in a circular motion, you will use the plastic or metal tools to pull forward and down along your tongue to scrape off the bacteria with gentle pressure. Again rinse after each use.

Regardless of the tool, you will need to be gentle so that you do not damage your tongue and rinse to get rid of the bacteria. All of these tools will help you achieve good oral health and proper dental hygiene.

Add Tongue Cleaning to Your Dental Hygiene Routine

Even though tongue hygiene is often overlooked, it is a great way to protect your oral health while enhancing your taste and improving your breath. This is an easy way to boost your overall health.

Want to check on the state of your oral health? Schedule an oral exam and dental cleaning appointment with McCullough Dental today!

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