“Last year I met Dr McCullough when he made a crown for my back tooth. I could tell he really enjoys his work and I love people who have a passion for what they do. Because I found it interesting he let me see the machine that makes the crown, and let me tell you, it IS interesting.

Back in the 1980s I had a crown made by mould, which was sent out and cast in gold – a several weeks process for fitting etc, but that is not the modern way. No mold or 3D imaging. Dr McCullough used a material that matched the natural color of my other teeth. It was both faster and less expensive than getting an old fashioned metal crown and I am very happy with the result. The crown feels like a natural tooth.

Yesterday, I went back to have a teeth cleaning. The hygienist, Amber, gave me the best cleaning I had in my life. My mouth felt sooo good. If you are afraid of going to the dentist, you should really go here. They will take good care of you. Proactive care means less problems later on. This office has easy to find free parking, a nice waiting area – although I’ve always been seen exactly on time, and a pleasant staff. There were many years of my life I couldn’t afford regular care; I’m so glad they got my mouth back to looking good.

Last thing, I overheard Dr McCullough say something about delivering toys somewhere – omg, he does charity work, too? Yes, they were part of a toy drive for the local homeless shelter, they have a bin where you can drop off stuffed animals. This is really helpful for kids who have been displaced for whatever reason. Be kind. Life is short.”
– Kumari D

“Dr. McCullough and the Office Staff and Assistants who support him are by far the most caring and gentle people I’ve ever met in this industry. Never in my life have I looked forward to my dental appointments (as they all know). But Dr. McCullough and his staff have changed the way I’ve viewed dentistry. I get excited thinking about the incredible work that he is going to do for me! He goes all in, and does his very best every single time. And the results are always pleasing! Thank you McCullough Dental!”
– Diante E

“I’ve been going here for almost 3 years. I loved it! Staff is super friendly even through Covid. Super accommodating, and I love the fact they offer LATER appointments. It was the best 🙂
They transitioned to a different dentist and it was like NOTHING changed! Thank you guys!😁😁😁”
– Des L

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