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Family Dentistry in Bakersfield

When family life gets hectic, you need a one-stop shop for all your family’s dental needs. McCullough Dental covers pediatric, geriatric, and general dentistry so you can get the treatment specific to your needs without the loss of comfort or excellence.

Instead of going to a dental office for each person in your family, schedule your appointment with McCullough Dental today to receive care that is unique to your family and their needs.

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Join the McCullough Dental Family in Bakersfield

The staff at McCullough Dental is proud to provide dental care for the whole family! Dr. McCullough is experienced in treating adults and children, so he understands that each patient has their own expectations and needs when visiting the dentist.

It is important for families to receive treatment from a dental office that has experience with all age groups to ensure the measures are taken to address each patient’s needs. There is not a one-size-fits-all for dental care. That’s why our family dentistry makes it a priority to customize your care.

We strive to make our office a friendly and inviting place for children, adults, and seniors. Our goal is to inspire enduring confidence in each of our patients by giving them the tools they need to maintain good oral health.

Improve your quality of life by saving time, money, and the headache of scheduling conflicts with our family dentistry. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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Dentistry for Every Age and Stage of Life

Customized dental treatment can help you feel increased confidence in your smile. At McCullough Dental, we offer high-quality, personalized care for individuals and families of all ages.

For instance, we understand that many kids feel nervous at the dentist. That’s why we make sure that our dental services for children focus on keeping our little patients comfortable and calm. In our office, your family is our family, so it’s our priority to help even the most cautious kids feel happy and welcome.

To ensure your child can be comfortable at the dentist, we recommend bringing them in soon after the appearance of their first tooth. Introducing kids to dental processes at an early age allows them to become comfortable with Dr. McCullough, our staff, and dental offices in general. As your child gets older, we will also help them start to form good dental hygiene habits.

If your child ever needs a dental procedure, their early introduction to our office will help them build trust in Dr. McCullough, making the visit less intimidating.

Life-Changing Solutions

Going to a family dentist can enhance you and your family’s life. With one location for all of your dental care, you don’t have to worry about finding new dentists that work for each family member’s needs. Let McCullough Dental help you save time, money, and scheduling headaches.

With the transformative power of customized care, you will feel an increased boost of confidence that brings lasting benefits.

Benefits of Family Dentistry

Since family dentistry has to accommodate different age ranges, we offer numerous dental treatments that provide different advantages.

Here are some of the benefits our office can give your family:

  • Customized care
  • One-stop dental services for the whole family
  • Inviting staff and environment
  • Improved oral health
  • Increased confidence
  • Enhanced quality of life

If you want to experience any of these amazing benefits, call our dental office today and get your whole family scheduled.

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Family Dentistry Services

Having all members of the family visit the same dentist will make appointments easier for everyone, including young children. McCullough Dental offers many services for your family’s specific needs, including the following:

Semi-Annual Cleanings

You can only receive these thorough teeth cleanings at a dentist’s office. We’ll leave your teeth with that squeaky-clean feeling. It is important to visit us once every six months so we can keep your mouth clean and healthy.

Digital X-rays and Exams

Thorough exams help us find any problems in your mouth early so we can fix them before they worsen. X-rays are an essential, preventive diagnostic tool that provides us with valuable information about your oral health.

Oral Cancer Screenings

We’ll check your mouth for signs of cancer or precancerous conditions in your mouth. When mouth cancer is identified early, there is a greater chance of remission. For issues as serious as oral cancer, early detection is imperative for recovery and effective treatment.

With our technology and experienced dental team, we can detect signs of oral cancer early so you can protect your oral and overall health.

Muscle Exams

This exam is often overlooked, but your jaw plays an important role in your overall oral health. During a muscle exam, we can check the muscles and joints of your jaw and mouth for any issues, such as occlusion problems (e.g. overbite) or TMJ disorder.

TMJ Evaluations

The temporomandibular joints are joints and jaw muscles that make it possible to open and close your mouth. If you have a click in your jaw or feel any facial pain, we can evaluate you for TMJ disorder (TMD).


Children are more prone to developing cavities, but our quick-bonding sealant will help both children and adults prevent tooth decay. This sealant covers the grooves and divots of the back teeth, keeping decay from gaining a foothold there.


We understand that many children haven’t yet had the time or experience to develop good dental habits, so a few cavities might be inevitable! Fortunately, we’re able to offer white fillings that match teeth so naturally that no one will know they’re there.

All our services are meant for the entire family. From baby teeth to adult teeth, we want to keep your family’s smiles as healthy and happy as possible!

Why Choose Our Practice for Family Dentistry?

With all of the amazing benefits and treatments we have to offer for every age, you can trust that your family’s dental needs will be well taken care of. Thanks to Dr. McCullough’s experience and our advanced technology, our friendly dental team is ready to address all your dental concerns in a comfortable, relaxing environment.

Patient Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it—see what other families are saying about our transformative treatments for every member of the family.

Amber is an amazing hygienist and the staff is jovial, courteous and pleasant to interact with. Definitely recommend this office to anyone seeking a change. Dr. McCullough seems to have his patients best interests in mind.
– Gino G.

Frequently Asked Questions about Family Dental Offices

Do I need a family dentist?

Whether you live alone or have a big family, dental offices that specialize in family dentistry will exceed your expectations. If you want efficient and personalized care that works for all ages then going to a family dentist is a good idea for you.

Do you have any payment plan options?

To ensure that you are getting the treatment you need without breaking the bank, we offer a membership plan. Pricing may vary based on age group and comes with perks such as routine cleanings, unlimited X-rays, and more. When you call our office, we will walk you through the different payment options so that you know what to expect before receiving care.

Bring Your Family to McCullough Dental

Our staff is dedicated to customized, excellent, and informative dental care for all ages because, at McCullough Dental in Bakersfield, family comes first. So let us make your dental experience more than just another trip to the dentist. Set your appointment today and join the family!

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