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Protect Your Smile with Mouth Guards

The importance of a radiant smile transcends aesthetics; it’s crucial for self-esteem, social interactions, and even career opportunities. Mouth guards are unsung heroes in the world of dental protection.

These custom-fit guardians of your pearly whites can be the difference between preserving your smile or facing costly dental repairs. Whether you’re an athlete or a night-time teeth grinder, if you want to protect your teeth, then call our office today to see if mouth guards are right for you!

What Are Mouth Guards?

This protective device covers your teeth and gums to protect them from impact. The mouth guard works as a barrier to absorb the force and lower the damage caused. This can save your mouth from an emergency dental visit.

Types of Mouth Guards

Mouth guards come in different varieties to suit specific needs and activities. From the rough and tumble of contact sports to the silent battle against nocturnal teeth grinding, there’s a mouth guard designed with your smile in mind.

Stock Mouth Guards

This type of mouth guard comes pre-made and is not customized to fit your mouth. While they are an economical option and ready to wear, they may not yield results as effective as customized guards.

Boil-and-Bite Mouth Guards

This mouth guard serves as an excellent middle-ground option as it allows for some customization while remaining relatively affordable. It is made from a thermoplastic material that softens when immersed in hot water, enabling you to mold the guard around your teeth and gums for a better fit. This process involves multiple steps and can be challenging to execute by yourself.

Custom-Fitted Mouth Guards

These mouth guards are crafted by dentists or dental professionals to provide a snug fit that is specifically tailored to your mouth, ensuring the utmost level of comfort and protection. The fit is not only professional but also employs high-quality materials for enhanced security. This option is ideal for sports, skateboarding, and other activities with a heightened risk of injury.

It’s essential to note that not every dental office offers a full range of mouth guard types, so reach out to your dental team to inquire about the options they provide. To learn about the mouth guards available at our dental office, give us a call today!

Benefits of Mouth Guards

There are numerous benefits to wearing mouth guards. These advantages include:

  • Protection against dental injuries.
  • Prevention of soft tissue injuries.
  • Reduction in the risk of concussions.
  • Enhanced comfort and ease of speech.

Wearing an ill-fitting mouth guard can make it challenging to speak and perform effectively. This is why a custom-made mouth guard is highly recommended and considered ideal. It allows you to focus on the sports you love instead of how well your mouth guard fits.

Caring for Your Mouth Guard

While mouth guards are designed to endure significant wear and tear, they still require proper maintenance. To extend the lifespan of your mouth guard, adhere to the following steps:

  1. First, rinse the mouth guard with cold water before and after each use.
  2. Next, brush it with a toothbrush and toothpaste, just as you would with your teeth, to keep it clean.
  3. When the mouth guard is not in use, store it in a well-ventilated yet sturdy container to preserve its shape. It is important to avoid exposing it to direct sunlight or high temperatures, as this can cause damage.
  4. Finally, be vigilant and replace the mouth guard as needed.

Strengthen Your Oral Health | Call Today!

If you are keen on safeguarding your oral health, then custom-made mouthguards are an excellent choice for you. To learn more about our offerings and the process involved in obtaining mouth guard services, schedule an appointment with our dental office today!

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