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5 Ways CBCT Scans Improve Dental Health!

CBCT stands for “cone-beam computer tomography.” CBCT scans create 3D images of your teeth, mouth, neck, and jaw. This is very useful for your overall dental health in 5 specific ways: expert dental evaluations, early detection of issues, detailed dental images that show a clear picture of your oral health, less exposure to radiation, and customized treatment plans.

1. Expert Evaluation

All our CBCT scans are reviewed by an experienced radiologist who is trained to understand the images and apply them to your dental health. They’ll be able to accurately tell you what is going on under the surface of your dental health.

Your smile and health will be in great hands with the expert opinion of a radiologist. You can rest easy knowing that the scan will show the expert everything that is needed to make a specific evaluation so you can get the treatment you need.

2. Early Detection

Early detection is helpful regardless of what dental issues you might have. Whether it is oral cancer screening or severe tooth decay, early detection is only going to help you in your endeavors to correct the issue.

CBCT scans allow for early detection in two ways: 1) CBCT scanning provides a full picture, so nothing is overlooked, and 2) scans are reviewed by a radiologist, which allows for a more precise diagnosis. Without these two groundbreaking factors, discovering problems earlier is much trickier.

The sooner you get diagnosed, the quicker you can receive treatment and get on the road to recovery which will save you time and money in the future.

3. Detailed Dental Imaging

CBCT scans have revolutionized dental imaging by providing unparalleled 3D visualizations of a patient’s oral and maxillofacial region.

Unlike traditional 2D X-rays, which offer limited perspectives, CBCT scans capture comprehensive, multi-angle views of teeth, soft tissues, bone, and nerve pathways. This intricate detail allows dentists to observe structures that might be obscured in standard X-rays.

This means more accurate diagnoses, tailored treatment plans, and potentially fewer visits. Whether it’s detecting a hidden cyst, assessing bone quality for implants, or plotting the path of an impacted tooth, CBCT’s detailed imaging ensures treatments are both precise and effective, minimizing potential complications and promoting faster recovery.

4. Less Radiation Exposure

CBCT scans employ a fraction of the radiation compared to traditional CT scans. While still capturing detailed 3D images, they reduce the patient’s radiation exposure.

Lower radiation not only minimizes immediate risks but also reduces cumulative radiation dose over time, especially beneficial for patients requiring frequent imaging. This means obtaining essential dental diagnostics with greater peace of mind regarding your long-term health and well-being.

Lower radiation is also safer for patients who are pregnant.

5. Customized Treatment Planning

Everybody has a unique smile and different needs. Since CBCT scans capture 3D imaging of your smile, catering treatment to your specific needs is easy!

Without customized treatment, the results will not last as long and you may not feel comfortable with how your smile looks or feels. To achieve the smile of your dreams and feel confident in your appearance, CBCT scans are a must.

Let CBCT Scans Enhance Your Smile Today!

McCullough Dental wants to take your smile to the next level with expert evaluation, early detection, detailed imaging, and customized treatment. We will recommend a CBCT scan and have a radiologist review and evaluate the results so that we can provide you with all of the information necessary to give you the smile you have always wanted.

To get a CBCT scan, call our dental office today and find out how this technology can help your smile and oral health.

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