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Meet Dr. Claudia Villalobos

Your Bakersfield Dentist

Dr. Claudia Villalobos grew up in San Salvador, El Salvador where she developed a passion for dentistry at a young age. Inspired by her own positive experiences with her family, she knew she wanted to become a caring and skilled dentist. After completing her undergraduate studies in Dentistry in El Salvador, she went on to attend University De La Salle for her dental degree.
During her time in dental school, Dr.Claudia Villalobos was actively involved in various dental organizations and community outreach programs. She gained valuable hands-on experience through internships and externships at different dental clinics, further honing her skills and knowledge in the field.
Before graduating from dental school, Dr. Villalobos worked in a dental laboratory where she received specialized training in removable dentures. This additional training allowed her to expand her expertise and offer a wide range of dental services to her patients.
Dr. Villalobos is dedicated to providing high-quality, comprehensive dental care to patients of all ages. She believes in the importance of patient education and strives to empower her patients to take control of their oral health. With a warm and friendly demeanor, she creates a welcoming environment for her patients and builds strong, long-lasting relationships with them.
In her free time, Dr. Villalobos enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and staying active through various outdoor activities. She is committed to ongoing professional development and continues to seek out opportunities to enhance her skills and knowledge in the ever-evolving field of dentistry.

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